Good morning, dear citizens of the world, how are you? Today we bring you a controversial topic: should be standardise Spanish? In this new post we’re tell you both stances, we will give you our opinion and we will ask about what you think. Let’s start!
As you may know because you have read our posts, because you have been to Spanish speaker countries or because you have been informed by other ways, Spanish is a huge language and has many variations, nearly as many speakers. Many times, mainly while launching a product or in international conferences, we try to standardise Spanish so everybody can understand everything without confussions. However, most of the times it’s not possible, for example, as we already saw in our post “Spanish words with different meaning depending on where we are”, word “concha” in some countries means ‘vagina’, so, how can we do it?
On the one hand, “creating” a common Spanish to all countries would ensure the understanding of all Spanish speakers, no matter their procedence. Production costs would be cut on and products (films, medicins, video-games…) would be launched before. There wouldn’t be missunderstoods either due to linguistic differences because we would speak the same variant and all words would have the same meaning for everybody. Sure all of you have read something or have spoken with a person that doesn’t speak the same variant as you and you had communication problems. That Real Academia Española, that has Spanish experts from all over the world, could carry out this task. It would be wonderful, isn’t it?
However, this standard Spanish would be the lost of centuries and centuries of culture and tradition. If there was only one variant of Spanish, many translators and interpretors would loose their yob, because it would be enough to translate and interprete everything once. It would be necessary to teach all Spanish speakers the common language too, many words would be lost and would dissappear andthey would be just a memory and then, “old Spanish”. Furthermore, who doesn’t think that’s funny to tell some stories about a trip to a country and the problems with a specific word?
In Spanish Language Route (as you know we’re Spanish lovers) we think the standardisation would be an advantage while understanding each others, however, the lost would be much bigger. We think it is worthy to make a small effort while speaking to ther persons, because we can always learn something and the personal enrichment is great, don’t you think?
Well, what do you think? Please, don’t be shy and tell you your opinions, we’re looking forward to know all your opinions. See you soon!

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